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We are Mireaux, a CBD company designed to empower you to Live life, naturally.
We work in tandem with nature to create the highest-quality products which will relax, relieve, and restore you at all levels. Our organically-grown, all natural hemp formulas are as simple, safe, and potent as water-which sustains life for all living things. These are carefully optimized to unlock your potential for experiencing a peaceful balance of body, mind, and spirit.
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myLife Products

Life is a journey. Not a destination.

With problems to solve and lessons to learn, but more importantly experiences to enjoy, our products are designed to let you live life naturally on your terms.

It is important for everyone to unwind and relax from time to time, and this means relaxing the mind as well as the body. However, some people struggle to switch off and relax, and this can eventually take its toll on health and life quality. Mireaux CBD products target receptors in the endocannabinoid system through the nervous system. The results are a natural remedy that can help to promote relaxation and help you to unwind, which in turn will have a positive impact on other areas of your life.

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myActive Products

Be Active. Make it happen.
Whether your looking to improve your workout plan, recovery regimen, or simply wanting to enjoy all life has to offer, we have developed a line of products that give you everything you need to get the most out of life or your next workout.
Whether you are a routine exerciser, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, Mireaux CBD oil may provide benefit to you. Keeping a healthy diet and doing regular exercise are known to do wonders for your mental health. But stress, anxiety and depressed and have a negative impact on your overall health. CBD is thought to have a positive effect on these and many other issues.
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mySelf Products

Just be. You don’t need another inspirational quote, you need Mireaux.

Our simple, smart, scientifically designed products will help restore, repair and balance your body allowing you to enjoy being you.

Grounding yourself in the present moment is like putting down an anchor – steadying yourself against that rushing, sweeping mental chaos of daily life. Getting out of your head – pressing the pause on dwelling on the past or worrying about the future – and focusing on being present in your physical body can provide a whole new sense of clarity.

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myPet Products

Pets are life’s perfect companions.
We pride ourselves on providing only the best, simple, smart and pet friendly products on the market. Helping them feel happy, strong and healthy.
The bond between a pet and their owner is one of the strongest relationships in any person’s life. Pets rely on their owners to keep them safe, fed, and loved. Depending on the pet, they may show their loyalty in different ways, but owners know that there is significant trust and love in that relationship. Pets listen to our problems, encourage their people to get more exercise, and provide unmatched companionship.
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A collection of hemp-derived, CBD products that support whole self wellness.


All products of Mireaux are zero (0.0%) THC PCR Broad Spectrum, meaning they have absolutely no psychoactive properties or side effects associated with THC. Our proprietary technology allows us to completely remove THC without disturbing the other naturally synergistic compounds. Our oils contain one of the highest concentrates of CBD, rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acid. And when combined with the other naturally occurring synergistic compounds it is considered one of the most valued hemp-derived oils on the market.


Our hemp plants produce the highest amounts of CBD along with CBG, CBN and CBC and many other cannabinoids and terpenes and fatty acids that have evolved naturally. We formulate our CBD products at certified facilities, which adhere to the highest quality industry-wide control standards. Then we quadruple lab test in independent laboratories. With the products of Mireaux, you know that you are receiving exactly what you see on the label.

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"I can’t say enough about Mireaux and it’s products. They have literally changed by life. Thanks for these amazing products."

Maggie M.