Founder and CEO, Debbie K. Womack

Founder and CEO, Debbie K. Womack

Debbie struggled with debilitating pain as a young girl after after being struck by a drunk driver. She underwent knee replacement surgery at the tender age of 17, and this was only the beginning of her road to wellness.
She joined the Air Force and spent years living in the Orient, where she experienced the inspiration for her vision of helping people Live life, naturally. In Japan, she learned about kokoro, an intrinsically-linked oneness of heart, mind, and spirit. Debbie also learned about the importance of water for relaxing, restoring, and revitalizing these aspects of oneness, which eventually helped create the name of our company.
After leaving the military, Debbie went into the corporate sector. But her knee pain continued to worsen. A highly-active lifestyle combined with the long-term effects of her childhood accident began to take a serious toll on Debbie’s body. Pain management became the name of the game, joined by insomnia and lack of energy. To make matters worse, Debbie watched her loved ones experience daily pain with little to no relief.
One day, she came across a passage from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Nature”: “In the woods, I feel that nothing can befall me which nature cannot repair.” This became the basis of Debbie’s lifelong quest to find a better way to deal with pain, recover more quickly from injury, and reestablish her kokoro. She researched holistic and natural medicines and studied advanced technology applied to enhance nature. Eventually, Debbie came across,and spent three years learning the ins and outs of this “new” industry involving CBD.
When Debbie found the right CBD products for her, a host of benefits resulted: her daily pain was greatly diminished, she felt more limber and stronger, her sleep improved, and she had more energy throughout the day. She shared her discovery with friends and family, and they began experiencing similar changes.
Debbie decided to take her 25+ years of corporate experience and combine it with her journey to help herself and others heal, and established Mireaux Global Inc.
Branding and Marketing, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer

Branding and Marketing, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is the award-winning founder and CEO of UImpact, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, (former) Forbes contributor, philanthropist, podcast host, and highly-sought after marketing and branding consultant who trains and speaks to organizations and business owners. These are the people who want to understand what it means to reach beyond what they think is possible in their professions–by reaching beyond the limits they set themselves. She cares about people and the results that she can help them generate–by creating individualized and effective action plans to accomplish their goals.
Kimberly has been featured on and in numerous magazines and has served on a variety of boards as she’s blazed a trail of care, creativity, and community throughout her career. She has taken her considerable experience and synthesized it into several best-selling books, such as It Matters: Decisions that will Make or Break Your Business. She hosts a successful podcast that boasts up to 5,000 downloads a month. And that’s not all… Kimberly won’t tell anyone to walk across hot coals. She won’t glide into a meeting with roller blades on. She blends a no-nonsense, direct delivery with disarming warmth, concern, and personal attention. But most importantly, she doesn’t just make an impact, she strives to leaves one.

Kind Words from our Customers...

"I have a lot going on in my life. Between work, family, travel and other daily stressors I need a little help when the days get long. Mireaux products help me to stay focused, proved extra energy and allow me to sleep peacefully."

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