myLife HARMONY Daily Ritual | Soft Gel – Original 25 mg


Mireaux HARMONY CBD Softgels are crafted from the highest quality hemp cultivated in the USA. Each capsule supplies 25mg of THC Free Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Water Soluble Broad-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil, in nanoemulsion form.

Mireaux HARMONY CBD Softgels supports your everyday wellness lifestyle, providing a sense of calm and focus, recovery from inflammation, manage signs of daily stress, and healthy sleep cycles.

Consistency is the key. Take Mireaux HARMONY THC Free CBD Softgels regularly; at the same time every day.

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Mireaux HARMONY THC Free CBD Softgels are formulated to give you positive and predictable benefits in a pre-measured, easy-to-swallow capsule. The perfect way to maintain your daily CBD ritual.

Mireaux HARMONY CBD Softgels are formulated to work with water because we understand that the human body is 70% water. Our patent-pending proprietary technology produces water-soluble nanoemulsion PCR hemp oil and naturally present terpenes consisting of high surface area of cannabinoid droplets. This maximizes in-vivo absorption increasing it by 3-5 times over cannabinoids delivered in oil form. This provides for increased bioavailability, improved absorption and enhanced efficacy.

Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor before taking if you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, or take pharmaceutical drugs.